Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Helloooo Everybody

It has been such a long time since I have been able to write you all!!
It has been a busy & expensive month for us, I was suppose to go Nationals.. that's big gathering of Australian Cattle Dogs, but things didn't go so well, and Mom & I ended having to stay home : (
It turned out to be a good thing, the day we were suppose to leave the furnace in our house caught fire!! We were really lucky, we have no idea when it happened, but it stayed inside the cabinet and did not burn down our house ... where the 4 legs (me included) might have been home alone when it happened!!
My neighbor has a key to the house in case something happens and the animals need to get out when the 2 legs aren't home .... but after my bad behavior with her, she is understandably afraid of me : (
Mom has cut all of our expenses to nothing ... it turns out furnaces are VERY expensive, and she has been working another job to pay for it.
This SUCKS, she isn't home as much as she use to be, which means less Momma time for all of my brothers & Sisters. Not to mention we have not been to our training class in 2 weeks now, I miss that time with Mom and have started gutting my toys to prove it : (
Ahhhh well .... now the good news ... I am all out of "cycle" now, and back to my sweet and loveable self like it never happened ... but boy do those hormones make me a mean and nasty girl : (
Mom & I am going to have to be alot more vigilant about watching me for signs of the hormonal upheaval .. Mom thinks (hopes) that now that I have experienced it once and I know what to expect now I won't get a awnry : )
My Sister Kinka got a new little sister ... I am so jealous, little sister are so much fun .. they play alot more then big sisters ... how do I know this?? Well I have a new little cousin .. she is a Boxer, and so much fun to play with ... I love her !!! She is alot smaller then me right now, so I have to be careful .. but I already know we are going to have so much fun together, because we already do!!
Ooops gotta get home .... I had to sneak out of the house and down to Momma C's Dads house to use the Internet ... and I have to head home before the kids at the elementary across the street get out for recess or they will call the dog catcher!!
Love and miss you all

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Its my birthday & I'll play if I want to play if I want to!!
My Brother & my sisters are 1 year old today!!!
We are growing up so fast I can't believe it!!
Tonight is my birthday party, we will be having a special dinner & frozen yogurt . oh I love frozen yogurt & I get to eat an entire cup all by myself !!
Happy Birthday, Chip, Kinka, Red & Nash!
I love you all

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Miss you all

I miss you all so much, my Momma is writing this for me .. right now I am in solitary confinement. I have been a REALLY naughty girl, I did things I shouldn't have done. Momma doesn't have the heart to talk about them now, so we will tell you when I am ungrounded.
That may be a while however : (
Then to top it off I am going through the change and becoming a woman instead of a puppy.

From the Momma :
Roo is still doing wonderfully, she is excelling in Rally classes, they have really helped her obedience as well, the extra challenge has helped her focus allot. She came into season last week and looks too adorable in her Joe Boxer briefs, (we will post a pic soon) but is having a hard time coming to grips with them ... she don't like them : )
Unfortunately, she had a little tiff with my x husband, and although like all x's he deserved a bite on the butt, Roo can not do that, so we will be seeking some serious behavior therapy.
Hmm... just had a thought... she hates her Joe Boxer briefs, and the x's name is Joe.. maybe that is why she bit his butt : )

Brandy & Roo

Monday, July 16, 2007

i feel bad cus my sissys mad

i tore up my sissys bunny that her great grandpa gave her before he died and now my sissys mad at me. i feel horrible. i think shes gotten over it but im not sure. momma b says that she will fix the bunny but sissy still dosent feel better, so ive been hiding under the bed alot latly. hoping she wont hurt me cus shes really pissed, this time now i know not to chew up her stuffs. for reall. she has him in a box on top of the t.v. i wish i could fix him cus if i could i would. she wouldent pet me for a week and she said she didnt love me but i know it was just cus she was mad. but i know she still loves me. she would cry ifs i died and all that stuffs and i will love on her when she gets home to day and i will kiss her and lay by her and hug her and she will do all thos things back





(p.s. im sorry sissy i love you and always will)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Oh Happy Days!!

Ohhhh am I am happy happy girl!!!!
MY girl came home to me on Friday night!!
I have never been so happy or so wiggly!!! I just couldn't and still can't contain myself!!
She has been with her grandparents & aunts having adventures in Nevada without me :(
I am constantly wiggle wiggling all over and around her ... I sure hope she doesn't go away again!!
Chip .. remember when I told you kids were the best??? Well let me tell you my girl is the bestest of the best!!
Since she has been home we have played non stop .. last night we chased a deer out of our back yard ( and the neighbors too )!! It was so much fun! And when we were done we were so hot and tired .... my girl got us a frozen go gurt to share .. yummmmy!!
Then this morning she made me my very own swimming pool!! I let her come in too ... but I don't want to share with my evil black & white sister Luna .. its mine mine mine all mine .. and I will protect it from her too!!
So Sissy put me in my kennel so Luna could have a swim too .... maybe I should share with Luna : (
This morning my Sissy started putting clothes in her bag again .. she is leaving me again : (
She is going to summer camp ... without me!!!!
This time she will only be gone for 3 days though ... I think I can handle that!!
There are still no new pictures of me ... Momma hasn't fixed her camera yet : (
I keep telling her batteries are cheaper then the memories we are missing !!!
I need to run .. Sissy wants to go and play in the pool again!!! YEA!!!!
Love you all!
Ms. Roo

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OI VEI... or....Holly Hannah, Mom sure looks white!!!!

Hello my beloved friends and family!!!
Allow me to start with " HA HA HA HA"!! Now that I have that out of my system let me tell you about my last week :)
You see, I have decided its my job to see what it will take to scare Momma B to death, and make her look bad!! I am not sure if I should start at the beginning of the story for me or Momma B ( evil Cattle Dog Grin ).... it all started on Fathers Day.....
Momma B took me to play with Momma C's leave it's that live with Momma C's Dad, oh I love those leave its, Stevie is cool as a cucumber, he let's me kiss him & get right in his face.. but that Rhiannon is a different story.. she starts hissing the minute we come in the house!!
Life was grand .. Momma was feeling really good, we were taking long walks every night, I was going to the school to run in the 4 soccer fields chasing Luna & Jager, and we came home to cuddle on the sofa every night... well okay so I am an attention hog and wouldn't let the other two get any lovein.. what can I say I love my belly rubbed!! Sunday night we went to bed like any other night Momma brushed Jager, Luna's & my teeth, then her own, Luna & I went to our rooms, Jager & Momma went to their room ... Jager thinks he is something special.. Momma lets him sleep in her bed all night long ... but I only get to nap with her.. she says I eat her sheep skin slippers .... and I do but so does Luna ... what is she thinking anyway..aren't we suppose to chew on yummy sheep???
Monday morning the alarm went off and Momma screamed, turns out she really hurt herself in her sleep ... Monday night we had a short walk then came home and cuddled lots. By Tuesday afternoon she could barely walk, the Dr told her no more running, no more walking .. just rest.
OH My GOSH!!!! Do you know what its like to be forced to lay on the floor & only have a little yard to run in??? That's right BORING... so I might as well find something fun to do around the house ; )
The Thursday after Fathers Day, Mamma's back was much worse! The Dr told Momma she had to stay home and rest her back. That night Momma told Brother the house HAD to be cleaned and laundry had to be done!! Of Course she still couldn't move, this meant she could only do a little of it, She sent Brother down stairs to start the laundry... but the dummy that he is .. he couldn't start the washing machine, it just wouldn't work!!!
Momma VERY carefully made her way down the stairs to try & figure out what was wrong with the washing machine ... it had no power...momma tried all the cycles, nothing ... so she checked to make sure that the washing machine was plugged was hmmm...Momma traced the cord from the back of the washing machine to make sure it was the right plug.... she pulled the cord through her hand... and it stopped.. not at the plug .. it just mysteriously disappeared... " he he he, ha ha ha " I had been waiting for her to find this.. I was bored & mad we weren't playing games I chewed up the power cord to the washing machine!!!
220 even...Momma freaked... Grandpa freaked... I should have been electrocuted they said .. at the very least my mouth should have been burnt .. but nope... no burnt mouths in this house!
Momma was so mad I tried to blame Luna or Jager .. but dangit they couldn't get their heads behind washing machine : (
Only me : )
Then I decided it served her right ... all that worrying she was doing about how long my legs were getting, and how I still looked like a puppy when all the others were filling out and starting to look grown up!!!
Grandpa fixed the washing machine, and doors are getting put up to keep me out of places I shouldn't be, and Momma's not so mad or scared anymore, now she just keeps saying she is stupid and not able to take care of me .. she should send me to live with Gma Jen where I will be safe...but I keep hugging her to let her know I will be a good girl now ... or will I???!!!
Oops I need to run ...Momma just pulled into the driveway, and I am suppose to be locked safely in my room .. can't have her finding out I know the com for the lock or she will get a new one!!
I love you all!!
The Indestructible Ms. Roo

Monday, June 18, 2007


I just saw that it has been an entire month since I visited with all of you!
I am so sorry!!
We have been very busy, for Memorial Weekend we went to the farm for a family reunion.. can I tell you how much fun a farm is??!!
We don't have any animals : (
But we have old wheat fields that I could disappear in, motorcycles, 3 wheelers and lots of kids to chase .. well I got in trouble for that and had to spend a few time outs in my room on account of those yummy kids, but the treats on their faces were well worth it!!
Then the first weekend in June we went to the Carson City Nevada shows, and visited my family there too. My Cousin Fancy .. she put me in my place when I tried to take her toy... Jager and Luna always "let" me take theirs.. but fancy yelled at me and got in my face ... I was alot nicer to her after that.
The show was okay I guess, but on Saturday Momma went to stack me and pinched my belly .. I screamed really loud and wouldn't let the judge any where near me ... I just leaned against Momma... after all she wouldn't pinch me so it must have been that evil judge!!
Sunday was much better I showed really pretty and Momma didn't pinch my belly .. I really liked this judge and he really liked me too!!
I now have 2 2nd place ribbons & 2 1st place ribbons!!
I have to run... lots of things to do, but I will post more soon!!
Love Ms. Roo

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am the bomb!

Courtesy of Rosemary Hoffman, this is me and Mommy just before we went in the ring for the first time!

Mommy says I was the best dog there! All the others were FAT and SHORT! I was a really good girl, I stood pretty and did exactly what Mommy told me to do... even though she screwed up and told me to do all the wrong things, or forgot to tell me what I was suppose to do! But, guess what??!! Even with Mommy screwing up all the time I got 2nd Place Saturday & Sunday ..which gives my my first 2 AKC Conformation ribbons!! YEA!!!

On Sunday Mommy & I were stopped by several ACD people, they all told Mommy don't give up! Your girl is beautiful .. and she would have won if you were a better handler!

Kim & Anne checked me out good after the show .. they checked my angles, my teeth, my croup, my stance, my gait everything .. and guess what ..they said they wouldn't change anything!! Except maybe those couple of teeth I am missing .. but guess what ... I am still getting adult teeth .. 2 new ones popped out between Sunday & Wednesday, and Mommy can feel one under my gums it was just waiting for the puppy tooth above it to come out ... which it did on Tuesday! "Mommy keeps saying I knew you were going to be a late bloomer ( all her girls even Momma C are late bloomers ) But good grief your teeth too???"

I just LOOOOVE making Momma B & Momma Jen nervous .. just look at how long I am growing my legs!!!

I love & miss you Momma Jen & Daddy Shamus!! Quit worrying so much ... I am done with my legs and am working on my teeth and chest now!!

Forever yours Cowcutta's Stack 'N the Deck ... AKA Ms. RooBee

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The big weekend is here

Well, Saturday & Sunday I am in my first Conformation show!
Mom & Me are just a little nervous.. but we have been talking and reminding each other we are doing this for fun .. so we are much calmer now : )
I was really good in conformation class last night .. Mom even forgot my treats .. but I did it cuz I love her and she loves me.
We are going to have a GOOD time this weekend and we will give you the 411 either late Sunday or sometime Monday
Love, Roo

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A long over due post

Hello everybody!
I know this post is long over due .. but see it has been crazy around here.
Momma B went and got herself stupid sick .. and she isn't smart enough to slow down and not make her self sicker!
Then of course I worry worry worry for her .. I didn't even want to play with the sheep yesterday .. I just wanted to hang out with Momma B.
We have been busy, we have gone herding, to obedience classes & of course conformation classes too.
As soon as Momma B gets better I will be posting more .. but right now I have to spend too much time watching her and worrying over her .. and not listening to her ; )
She will figure out that she needs to listen to me right now soon enough.
Well .. I am off .. gotta go hold the Momma B down!
See you all soon
Love Ms. Roo

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Went Herding again

I went herding again .... dang are those sheep fun!
I really "turned on" today .. I knew what I wanted and I was gonna get em good.
So good in fact I actually pushed one into the fence ... umm that got me in trouble so I won't do that no more!!
Well, I need to run .. its time to dye Easter eggs .. but I wanted to let you all see what I had done!
So here is real video of me herding sheep .... and some of my awesome sister Luna too!
Love Ms. Roo

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The much anticipated post

Hello my adoring fans!
I know I have kept you waiting on this post ... but I wanted to give you pictures ... but Momma used the camcorder to take the pictures & they are all on VHS ... do you know how hard it is to put VHS on the net??!!
Well .. I met sheep on Saturday!
It was cool . they run around and Shauna the lady my mom sent me with actually encouraged me to chase them and I bit one on the leg just like I am suppose to, and I kept them in line and told them what to do and everything!!
Then we got to go and play in a pond on the farm ... it was so pretty and I saw a ball on the opposite shore so I just kept running and then all the sudden the ground was gone but my legs were still moving and then I was in the water & couldn't touch the bottom!
Oh my Gosh was I scarred! Then I started running in the water and realized I could swim ... swimming is cool! It was big fun! I got to chase my brother Jager & sister Luna all over the place and run really really fast .. did I tell you I love to run fast???
I left this for last .. but my sister Luna ..she is an evil Black & White border collie ... well she is a herding goddess... She and My boy JD were out herding sheep together the first time either of them saw sheep!
She was so impressive my good job was over shadowed, and very anti climatic : (
Momma says I am wonderful, and she is very happy with the way I worked and the way I listened and the way I wasn't afraid ... but nobody else had anything nice to say about me (other then how pretty I am) because they were so busy talking about how wonderful Luna is.
At first both Momma & I were a bit jealous and sad . but now we are very very happy because we know that Momma finally found the thing that makes JD & Luna the happiest.
So we will gladly take a back seat in herding to Luna & JD ... we will bark & cheer when they do well, the same way they do for me in conformation.
Why because her success is my success, and my success is her success ... that is how families work.
Jager started it, Luna cemented it, and I am the result of all their learning together, and if it hadn't been for me .. Momma would have never found Shauna, and my sister the herding goddess would have never met sheep.
I love my family .. and the love me.
Love Roo

Monday, March 19, 2007

Me My sister & MY guinea pig

This is me & my sister Luna playing with our guinea pig Smudges.

Don't worry we would never dream of hurting her! We actually groom each other!

She is very nice, and I can herd her in absence of my own sheep. Of course I have to be much gentler, cuz I love her and would never want to hurt her!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I am such a good girl!!
Now you may not know this but ACD's are notoriously picky about who they will work for .. they will only work for one person .. not me!!
My Momma B has a hurtin and she can't walk very good, but last night was conformation class .. and our first obedience class. So she had Crystyl be my handler (HA.. no one handles the Roo .. I handle them) well at first I wasn't sure .. Momma B does these things with me not the Crystyl, the Crystyl is for fun and frolic!!
Well, Momma B & Crystyl played musical handlers at first, and Momma B said "RooBee, you have to do this with Crystyl, there will be times I can't do it with you, and I can't hold you back, so be good for Crystyl" .... well I kept my eye on Momma B but I also did what Crystyl asked me too.
Well, during conformation class Momma B decided she would send Jessi (Crystyl Best Friend Forever.. here after BFF) out to stand with me in conformation.. one of the stupid too serious people yelled at my Crystyl (so I stuck my nose up her snooty whippets butt!) and upset her .. well I was going to show everybody then .. and I made myself absolutely beautiful!
I can work for them I guess .. they aren't as good as momma B.. they say they are bored and their backs hurt after 15 minutes .. what wimps!!
Then today Momma B got some even better news!! Momma's friend Rosemary (of Dylan fame *Dylan got his clean bill of health from Dr. Pam today YEEE HAAWWW!!!*(see the Roxy log) is going to be teaching agility and obedience classes!! I will be learning from the best!!
And as if that was not exciting enough .... they are going to have HERDING!!! Oh yea!!!!
I am a happy happy girl ... LIFE is GOOD
Love you all ..... Ms. Roo

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What and interesting week its been.
Momma B has been in a funk, I have done my best to cheer her up.
I have jumped on her ... I have jumped on and over Jager, Luna, JD & Crystyl.
I have bounced off the wall and I even hugged and climbed the pine tree!
Got covered in pine sap and had to bath in olive oil with momma b last night.
She didn't laugh allot when I grabbed hold of he legs when I was slipping around .. and she cussed when I threw my head back and hit her in the eye. She looks funny this morning!
But most of the sap is out and I still have my pretty blue coat.
It has been really warm outside, and I have been so good about my recalls that Momma b has been letting me out in the yard with out putting on my long leash ... yard freedom!! I get to run all over and Luna can no longer escape my sneak attacks by moving just out of my reach.
I have repaid Momma for this new freedom by only crawling through the fence 1 time!!
So last night she let me go out in the front yard and chase the Frisbee with the girls and the other dogs!!! Momma never lets me out front without tieing me to the porch so I can't play Frisbee or catch .. but last night I got to run and chase that frisbee just like Jager and Luna!!
And I only tried to run in the street 1 time ... momma said Roo.. and I stopped right there at the park strip.... I am a good and safe Roo!!
Momma is very happy now that I am growing up and playing by the rules now, and I think I can have even more fun if I follow momma's rules.
When I follow Momma's rules I don't have to be leashed to her all the time, and i get to chase and run .. and wow this is fun!!!
Tomorrow I start obedience lessons .. Momma & I are very excited, Momma says I am ready, and that I will learn fun things, and she says it won't be stuff I already know like it was in puppy class, and it won't be boring standing like it is in conformation class!!
YEE HAA .... I like to learn ... and Momma says I learn so fast and so good that I will be the star of the class!!
Well ... gotta go
Be sure to check out my boyfriend Zip's page he talked abut spaying and neutering .. and my sister Kinka's page .. she got spayed... and she says it was pretty okay ... and remember spay and neuter your 4 legs ..

Love you all Roo

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sad times again

We are taking a small break to deal with the death of my aunt's rodeo horse. Jovan meant alot to all of my people, and we are taking it very hard.
We will be back soon with pictures and happy things.
Roo & Brandy

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Class Night

Last night was a wonderful night!!
I was such a good girl ... Momma said heel and I heeled (unless I saw Luna .. you have to attack your sister at all times) Sit .. I sat... down ... I downed ... stand .. I would stand!!!
Then we went to conformation class ... Oh boy was I strutting my stuff last night!!! We had a new instructor... I liked her! She showed Momma how to hold my leash right, and how to get me to hold my pretty head up when I wanted to let it drop ... I was sooo tired : (
I let them both look in my mouth ... they said I have really pretty teeth, and such a nice bite!!!
The new instructor said I will win all the beauty contests I enter, she said I am a natural ... I always stand just right, and when we go around the ring she said it is like poetry. ( Momma thinks I will get a big head if people keep talking to me like this)
Of course she was right .. it was our last turn to be examined, I stood so pretty, I gave Momma my special Roo smile .. she smiled back and said "You are so pretty right now". The teachers looked at me and said how much I improved from last week, they walked over to check me out ... and I smiled my special Roo smile .... Went TOTALLY limp ... fell over like dead weight (good thing I landed my head on Momma's foot) everybody freaked out .. there was a collective intake of breath .... "what is wrong??" Momma started laughing hard .. I rolled over and presented my tummy for the appropriate rubbings ... those silly people just experienced my furry finger for the first time ...
Wanna see my teeth now???
Love you all .... Roo

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A long weekend with Momma B

This was a long weekend, Momma B had Monday off for Presidents day.

So we spent the weekend playing with each other!

It was so cool to have her all to myself .. she even put Jager out of the room .. so it was just the two of us!!

Very rarely does Momma B do anything without Jager, and this weekend for hours and hours it was just me and Momma B!!

We worked on our heeling and on our stacking too .. but mostly we just worked on Roo & Momma time!!

It was soo much fun and then to make it even more fun it snowed yesterday!!! Have I told you how much I LOVE the snow???!!!

I love digging in the snow .. I love nose plowing in the snow .. I love to roll in the snow ... and I love to throw snow at momma and when Momma throws snow at me, its the greatest!!

Well, we have more puppy classes tomorrow ... I can't wait to play with the other puppy's and show everyone how good I can be in conformation!!

I know I will let them look in my mouth this time!!!

Love you all


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Puppy and Conformation Classes

Last night I had my big night .. puppy class at 8 .. we worked on heeling.
Momma would lead me and I would jump & bite at the treat in her hand, the instructor took me and I did a perfect heel nice and pretty!
Obviously Mom is the problem not me!
But we are working on it .. and were doing better at the end of our 1/2 hour class.
Next we went to conformation class.
Mom sat at the side and watched at first ..all of the dogs were allot older then me, and momma was worried I wasn't ready. She almost backed out, but Wendy the instructor said ... no lets see how it goes.
So, We went in took a place in line, I had to stand the whole time : (
I didn't like that ..and sat down a few times.. Mom stood me back up and helped me adjust my feet and I stayed up looking pretty.
I didn't like it at all when Wendy checked my bite ... I would prefer she not do that : (
Well ... obviously I don't mind Momma's hands in my mouth I let her pull on my puppy teeth and play with them all the time .. so mom is off to find strangers willing to put their hands in my mouth : )
Chomp CHOMP !!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Will you Be Mine???

I want to send a special kiss and nose nip to my best guy Zip.

A big sloppy kiss and a hug to Momma Jen & Daddy Shamus ...A special hug & kiss to my sisters, Kinka, Chip, and Red, and a special noogie to my brother Nash!

I hope everybody gets a special hug today!

Today is a very special day for me today ... I have my first conformation class tonight.

Momma B has been working hard on getting my attention ...silly Momma ... I will only give her that if I want to!

Momma is excited .. the girls start 4H tonight, so Jager and Luna get to learn how to stack too : )

Have a Happy Valentines Day everyone


Love ... Ms. Rooby Valentine

Monday, February 12, 2007

My New Job

My Momma has pronounced me the keeper of the peace .... of the back seat of the car.
Well ... I pronounced myself to be keeper of the back seat, and my sister Luna laughed at me ...well she barked at me when I barked at her and snapped at me. I of course rolled over on my back and apologized to her for being an upstart. She forgave me and I got a kiss .. but now I must watch her at all times to see what she tells me I can and can not do.
Last night I discovered I can do fun things when the others are playing ball ... instead of chasing the ball I do back flips and all other sorts of fun things that make the kids laugh and the momma suck in her breath.
Its time for the momma's nap so I am off to put her to bed.
Chat at ya all later,

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Puppy Classes

I was soooo MAD!!!!
This little furry rug looking dog called a Havanese .. he got to have all the fun!!! I whined and I barked and I even air bit at him, but nobody would let me show how to run and jump and play.
Last night was orientation ... so we only got to watch!!
I of course behaved as the spoiled diva I am ... I jumped on the people sitting next to us .. HEY .. they had chips ... don't they know all chips are mine??!!
I tried to climb over the chairs to get to the dogs playing behind us but dang it nobody would let me!!
It was a long winded 2 leg that talked 1 1/2 hrs .. I was bored ... of course I was going to find trouble!
But Momma said I did pretty good. I was a little freaked out by all the people and noise at first .. but I settled down and behaved myself pretty well considering!
Momma told me I was still everything she wanted in a puppy .. I want to do EVERYTHING!!
So next Wednesday we will start our obedience & conformation classes .. where I actually get to do stuff too!!
I am so excited .. Momma is dreading it .. she says I am too much of a hellion to do very well yet.
Why does she kiss me when she says that??!!
Oh well it doesn't matter ... my family loves me lots .. and momma said if that is all I ever accomplish in my life that is what is important!
She said I preformed a miracle the other day and made my boy smile and laugh ..he has been having a hard time lately, momma took lots of pictures of Brother and I playing together ... and we were having so much fun we let her!!
Well... I feel the need for a nap was an exhausting night and Sissy is giving me a bath today .. I need to save up some energy so I can get water on the ceiling~
Love Roo

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Classes tomorrow!

Tomorrow night I start school again!
Mom and I are doing Conformation and Beginning Obedience classes!
Jager & Crystyl, JD & Luna, Jessie & Gizmo are going to be doing 4H!
In 4H they will learn all about how to take care of us & how to be a Junior Handler!!
Not to mention all those nasty dogs will get a refresher course in how to bow down to my superior loveliness!!
They are starting to get really snotty with me .. even Luna growl and snaps at me now!!
What has happened here???!!!!
Momma says I am losing my puppy license and becoming a dog .. so the others will not let me steal their toys from them now without a fight : (
aaaaaahhhhh .. I don't want to be a grown up !!!!
I like being a spoiled rotten puppy!!!!
Oh darn ... what if I don't do well in class ??!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Sadness like I have never seen

Today my mom is very sad.
She has cried and cried when I asked why she told me the world lost a very special person yesterday.
My mom never met him or his 2 leg .. but she has admired them both for years.
She followed their stories and life faithfully ...
Our love, hearts, hugs & glowing Bentley's are with you handsome

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sister Kinka

My dearest Sister Kinka,
I have thought about you allot lately.
Everyday I check you blog to see if there is any news on how your life is going.
Your Mommas sent a movie clip of you herding celery to Momma Jen, you were having soo much fun! It made me think of the days when we were still baby's living together, and all the fun we had.
I miss you Kinka ... please write and let everyone know how you are doing.
Your adoring sister Roo

Monday, January 29, 2007

What a Weekend!!!

I had a super big week and weekend!
I got a little sick on Wed so I went to board at the vets .. just to be careful Momma said.
It was sooo much fun!! Dr. Pam kept me with her she thinks I am a cutey!
but she also said I was a naughty girl with other dogs and people .. so she put me in to play with the big dogs that were there, they made me be a nice girl ... not the diva princess I am... and had people touching me all day long.
It was a good day and a fun day .. but when Momma B picked me up I was so happy to see her my little butt wiggled for a whole hour!
Dr. Pam told Momma to make sure I meet lots of new dogs & people now, so I have gone to petco, the vets & petsmart everyday .. just for a dose of people and dogs.
On Saturday, Momma B decided we would try the dog park, boy oh boy can we go back??~~
I met a min pin/Chihuahua, we liked to wrestle and 2 really cool beagles that would play chase with me... and we chased and chased ... and dumb momma b .. I think that the boy that earned the beagles liked her . but she just wouldn't give him an in ... I am going to have to train her!!! I could have had beagle brothers to chase around all the time!!
Ahh well .. Momma said I was such a good girl at the dog park that she would take me back ... maybe I can hook them up again then ; )

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So Sorry my friends

Hi friends!
How I have missed you the last few days!
I am so sorry it has been so long since I let you know what was happening with me, but Momma B's not been well, and I have been busy takeing care of her.
Her health is fine .. its her mind : (
My poor Momma B is the queen if instability & panic the last few weeks.
I just don't know what to do with her .. so when her mind starts going crazy I gather Luna & Jager & the 3 of us curl up on her head and lick the insides of her ears & chew on her nose until she laughs.
Needless to say this keeps the 3 of us rather busy!
On Monday we had my last doggie kindergarten class, well it was really just a play group kind of class.
I was playing with an 11wk old AST, and I was tired from playing hard all night, and I was so excited this puppy would play rough with me (I like the little puppy's, min pins-pugs-jrts) and I just couldn't help myself... I started to fight with her!
Now don't worry .. nobody got hurt, Momma B doesn't trust me to play with some of the puppy's in puppy class, so if I play with them she stays right next to me, and she even had control of the other puppy's leash. So it never got further then the begining fight noises and all my fur standing straight out from my body.
Momma B was going to take me back and work with my obedience during the other puppy's classes..but now she is not sure. She is so afraid something will go wrong with me its silly ... pretty soon she is going to wrap me in body padding and lock me in a padded room!!!
Silly Momma .. she has forgotten I am an indestructable ACD... maybe if I jump over the sofa, and crash head first into the wall and keep going she will remember ... or maybe she will just start quilting the walls.. hmmmm Whatever shall I do??!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Have I run out of things to report??

Of Course not!!
Last night Momma B brought home some new and really tasty food for me last night.... I was actually interested in eating!
It smells and tastes good . I liked it!
Momma C is really excited and paying more attention to her homework then me : ( but momma B is doing her best to give me a little extra attention .. last night I kept trying to make myself the leader, I was trying to fight with Jager & Luna.. not to mention Momma B told me to do something and I gave her the finger!! So Momma B put me in a time out ... but I won ... I went to sleep! I showed her .. but darn her she kept playing with my teeth and looking in my mouth .. I hate that!!
And Darn it all .... it should have made her mad that I wanted to be her boss, but she just laughed at me, she said she was happy to see me being a little aggressive.. she was afraid I was meeker then she wanted me to be!
Silly momma B!!
I am afraid I have just made things harder for myself though, now she is really pushing the I chew on my bone at the foot of the bed, not on the pillow!
I gutted my first toy yesterday! I was so proud of myself.. then I realized my new toy was no good anymore, I went around and gathered all the guts from my toy, and piled them up in front of Momma B with my toy's body .. cuz if she has the empty toy & toy guts .. she will re stuff them!!
When I gave her all the guts I could find, and she had stuffed the squeaker back in, she sewed up the hole & gave it back to me, now I am really careful not to pull the guts out, some started coming back out again, so I played with a different side!
I am such a sweet girl! This weekend Momma B says she will take me to the doggy park, I am excited, she says they have all kinds of fun toys to play on. But she says I have to prove my recall will stay good until then!
Love ya, Ms. Roo

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A special word to my friend Zip

My dearest friend Zip,
Someday I hope to meet you in person Zip!
You are the best friend a girl could ever have, and we have so much in common! I have 3 personal assistants to chose from for agility, hopefully one of them will be worthy of me. I think I will be much smarter then them we will have plenty of notes to compare!
Roxy & I had a short conversation... the 2 legs wouldn't leave us alone to really talk, but she knows lots about you too! Annie & I let Roxy & Dylan do all the showing off, let everyone envy the reds.. we will keep the blue between the 3 of us! -4 is normal? Do you get to spend much time outside in the snow? I LOVE snow almost as much as I love poopsicles, those dang momma's don't like poopsicles and have started cleaning them up before they have had a chance to age and freeze to my standards though ... do you know how to hide them from the momma's?
I am sad to say that after my adventures with book eating, I too have to sleep in a crate at night next to momma B, tell Iggy I feel for him..even if he is an evil black & white. I really like my b & w she is crazy, and she heel's just like a cow... do yours do that too? I am always chewing on Luna's legs .. its fun! Of course it appears I am losing my puppy license, she is starting to tell me no... can you believe that??!!! How dare she tell me NO doesn't she know who I am??!!
Zip, I have a question for you I know we live very far apart.. Momma B showed me where Chicago & Bountiful are on the map, and she told me it will take longer to get there then it will take to get to Grandma's in Nevada, but I like you allot .. will you go steady with me?
Love forever, Roo

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am SOOO tired!!

Oh my goodness!!
What a great time I have had this weekend!!
Saturday morning the Momma's got up got dressed and took me .... JUST ME... to the agility show in Farmington... I met Jim, Rosemary, Annie, Dylan, Roxy, Kim & Daniel.. and so many others I just can't remember them all!
I REALLY like Jim & Rosemary, they spoiled me and loved me and never ever called me George... they even gave me some of Roxy's special treats!!
I watched all of the dogs run the agility course.. did I mention that I LOVE to watch agility!!??
Jim thinks that I will know what I am suppose to do in agility because I watch so hard what all the dogs are doing.
I even got to play with the infamous Roxy Saturday night... she is so cool, she played just the way I want to play that scares the other doggies off! We didn't get to play for long ... I like to bark when I play with Roxy.. and everybody said I was just too noisy, Roxy & I compared tongue freckles, hers is much prettier : )
I think I worship Roxy much more then I worship Jager. I take back everything I said before about red dogs .. Red's are the COOLEST!!
I was so tired on Saturday night when it was time to go home .. I spent 9hrs there ..and I was a good puppy, everybody thought I would be down for the count .. but nope not me! I took a little cat nap on the way home, and when I got home I was more then ready for a 2 hour wrestling session with Luna!
Then we all got up again first thing Sunday morning ... boy was I hungry .. this was the first morning I ate my breakfast all gone in less then 2hrs since I came home!
Today EVERYbody went to the show, Joe, Crystyl, Jager, Luna, Me & Momma B!
I was soo excited to be going again, and to be going with my whole family!
I did alot of sleeping today, I missed most of the agility runs, cuz no matter how hard I tried my eyes just wouldn't stay open!
I got to play with Roxy a little bit more .. but again, I was just so excited to be playing with Roxy that I couldn't keep my mouth shut... so it got cut short : (
That was my super exciting weekend ... wish you would have been there too!!
Love forever .. Ms. Roo

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Boring Day, but an exciteing tomorrow!

Hi Everyone,
I have had SUCH a boring two day!
No school, no new play friends, and everyone was so busy last night, they didn't teach me anything new : (
Momma B says it's been a decompression time ... I don't need that I am a cattle dog!!
I have spent a lot of time with my favorite toy .. my cow that momma Jen let me pick out!
Momma B has gotten me new toys ..but I still love my cow the best! It reminds me of my home : )
I have really started to get big, Momma B says I am too big for my little cow now, I need to play with the bigger toys .. but I love it sooo much, my cow got put up high so I don't choke on it, but I sit under it and cry .. so when I stop crying momma B gives it to me to play with while she watches.
I finally found out how cold too cold is... it is -4f here tonight .. and I won't go outside!!
Momma B put out some paper for all of us.. Jager went potty and it made ice sickles on the fence ... she says that is WAY too cold for her babies to be outside!
Boy I hope it isn't cold like this tomorrow.. I get to meet Roxy, Dylan, Jim & Rosemary tomorrow at the agility trials in Farmington!!
I can't wait until I am old enough to compete with them, after all they need to be shown how superior us blue's are to those silly reds!!
Red's are cool and all .. but they are just too sassy with their 2 leggers... not a good way to get them to buy you new toys! I know this cuz momma & uncle Rowdy are red's, and they don't have nearly as many toys as Jager & I do!!
After all, we have kids, cats, and a border collie, just because we are blue's and know how to work those 2 legged's!
Oops!!! Gotta run .. Momma B is looking for me.. its bed time so we can get up early tomorrow!!
Love ya Bunches.... Ms. Roo

This article was written by a Blue Cattle Dog with a superiority complex!
The opinions expressed here are NOT endorsed by anybody other then said cattle dog!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mad Momma's

Oh My Goodness!!!!
Both the momma's are mad!!!
Momma B is WAY MAD .. we went to Puppy Kindergarten last night ..30 miles away.. and we got there to be told the class was full, even though we had talked to the instructor earlier in the day!
So Momma B is PISSED .. but she made good use of our time though, I got trained on being good with 50+ crazy dogs one a great dane that couldn't be controlled without its momma sitting on its back!!!
She says I behaved really well, and was proud of me.
Now my Momma C... she is mad at me... how dare she!!!
She and Momma B had a long talk just last night about how Momma C couldn't trust me not to eat everything in her room while she was asleep. So of course while she was asleep I chewed up a book Momma C left on the floor ... well she didn't even make sure I had a chewy bone... How DARE she be mad at me???!!!!
Momma B .. now she knew what I was going to do, and told Momma C.. but Momma C wouldn't listen .. so Momma B made sure I couldn't get hurt and then let me destroy Momma C's room .. I think she learned do you?
Neither does Momma B and neither do I !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh boy!!

Tonight is the first night of my "real" puppy kindergarten!
We found out that they put my conformation class off until Feb 7th, they wanted us new puppy's to have a couple of weeks of kindergarten befor starting conformation... momma b isn't happy but I am ... I am so tired, I am still recovering from the last class... how could I possiably do 3 a week???!!
Momma B is mad at Momma C .. she says Momma C is way to easy on me, and lets me get away with murder ... just because I wanted to chew on Momma B's new gloves and Momma C didn't see any problem with that!! That momma b and her silly rules!
1. No eating or chewing what does not belong to me
2. I must call when someone says my name
3. I must not bite Jager
4. No biteing noses
5. No smudgeing glasses
6. No eating frozen poop
7. Sit at door for leash to be put on
And the list just goes on and on!!! Golly she is a tough mom! and I know she is just going to make more rules for me!
Well... I need to go make myself pretty for school ... Love you all!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Puppy Kindergarten

I am sooo sorry I didn't talk to you all last night .. but boy was I tired!!
The momma's took me to puppy kindergarten last night... I met "labs" last night, momma b says they are labrador retrievers .. and she thinks they are a nuiscence... boy is she right!
Now I am a ruff and tumble cattledog, and I fear NOTHING .. except for labs!!
They play SO wierd, and you get two of them together and they are like runaway big rigs~ (saw one of those on my trip to Nevada) they take out everything and anything they can! They even took out the teacher last night!
Now Golden Retrievers .. they are big and scary looking ..the puppy in my class is bigger then Jager and Luna .. and still growing!! But he is ow so nice, I like to play chase with him, he has the most relaxed tail ... it just flops around all the time, FUN FUN to chase!
Then there is the lab/pitbull mix .. oh boy is he in for a kicker, he is super dominant, and wants to boss everyone around.. he is going to have play dates with Luna & Jager to teach him puppy manners : )
He belongs to my Momma' B's friend who is also Momma C's piano teacher. So we are going to help them out a little bit, since this is thier first dog, and Hewies (the puppy) new mom is ready to get rid of him already!
Then there is my new friend .. a little itty bitty puppy that could fit inside of most of my toys!! She won't play with the other dogs .. but she thinks I am okay, so we play lots .. it is really funny .. momma b is going to be takeing pics next week, we couldn't this week, being as it was the first class.
So thats what I did yesterday, today and tonight are rest time for all of us... we are suppose to have another class for me tomorrow night!!
I like school too... I get to show off to all the other students, they don't know nearly as much as I do!!
I am so tired .. I need to go and nap~!
Love you all

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I have a tongue freckle too!

My dearest role model Ms. Roxy,
My girl Crystyl found a tongue spot on me today!!
She was sooo excited, she said that now she KNOWS I am the bestest Cattle dog in the world, cuz I have a tongue freckle like you!!
So you think we are related? We need to compare ancestors...
Well .. I just had to let you know Roxy, we are alike and we live in Utah at the same time.
We are going to meet this weekend .. I am way excited I hope you are too!
Love Ms. Roo

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Have you Missed Me?????

Hello's to my adoring fans!
Oh how I have missed your adoring eyes on me everyday!
My new Mamma's stink at computers, and this computer is old, outdated, and they have dial up!! Can you believe that??? How do they expect me to communicate with my public on dial up??
I was suppose to have my own streaming chat room like I had with Daddy Shamus and Momma Jen, but between this icky computer and the dial up it just wont work!
I have gotten tired of waiting for Momma Brandy & Crystyl to get me back on the Internet, so while Momma Brandy (really my grandma,but she is too young to call her that) is napping and Momma Crystyl at her Dad's house I have hacked into the computer and am updating you all on my life!
I came home to my new family December 17th 2006 was my Momma Crystyl surprised and excited when Momma Brandy got home with me~ we are now inseparable, Momma C stayed home with me all my first week, and that was a good thing. I also have an uncle Joe (momma crystyl's brother) he likes me allot, we play tug all the time! My Border Collie cousin Luna, she didn't like me too much then, now we are the best playmates! We wrestle and run all day and all night long!
My Australian Cattle Dog uncle still doesn't like me too much ... I try and try to play with him, but he only growls and snarls at me. I have started to growl and snarl at him too now ... that is how we play!! Boy do I adore him! I follow him everywhere and want to be just like him when I grow up! Luna is fine, I like her plenty... but she is one of those evil black & whites, not a wonderful ACD like me and my brother.
We woke up on Christmas morning ... and oh boy all of the presents were for me!!
Well .. I decided they were, I got lots of toys, so did Luna & Jager, but Joe & Crystyl only got clothes.
After we unwrapped our presents we loaded up in the car and drove forever and ever Momma B says it was 8 hours but I think it was longer. We finally arrived in Silver Springs Nevada, where I met the rest of my family, grandpa & ma, Aunt Jenni,Shannon, and Cousin Danielle. Then there was the 4 legged family, Uncle NicK is a black Chow, Cousin PeeWee is a Dachshund, and Cousin Fancy is an ACD mix, Jovan & Pagos are quarter horses, then there were all the birds, they are fun to watch, and the bunny... he tasted yummy!! No I didn't hurt bunny ... but I like to follow him around and lick him!
I got to spend the entire day outside there .. I LOVE to be outside!!!
There was no snow .. but grass... grass is so much fun to roll on and eat!! I had so much fun there I pee'd on Grandma's white carpet twice, I dug holes under the fence, and I even scratched a hole in the laundry/dog room wall!! My family obviously gave me WAY too much unsupervised time!
We came home on New Years day, another trip in the car that took forever!
We have been really busy since we got home, and Momma B says we are going to get even busier ... I start puppy classes next week. Monday puppy Kindergarten, Wednesday obedience , and Saturday conformation classes ... boy will I be busy, when will I have time to play again?? Oops ..gotta go Momma B is waking up cant let her catch me!!