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Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The much anticipated post

Hello my adoring fans!
I know I have kept you waiting on this post ... but I wanted to give you pictures ... but Momma used the camcorder to take the pictures & they are all on VHS ... do you know how hard it is to put VHS on the net??!!
Well .. I met sheep on Saturday!
It was cool . they run around and Shauna the lady my mom sent me with actually encouraged me to chase them and I bit one on the leg just like I am suppose to, and I kept them in line and told them what to do and everything!!
Then we got to go and play in a pond on the farm ... it was so pretty and I saw a ball on the opposite shore so I just kept running and then all the sudden the ground was gone but my legs were still moving and then I was in the water & couldn't touch the bottom!
Oh my Gosh was I scarred! Then I started running in the water and realized I could swim ... swimming is cool! It was big fun! I got to chase my brother Jager & sister Luna all over the place and run really really fast .. did I tell you I love to run fast???
I left this for last .. but my sister Luna ..she is an evil Black & White border collie ... well she is a herding goddess... She and My boy JD were out herding sheep together the first time either of them saw sheep!
She was so impressive my good job was over shadowed, and very anti climatic : (
Momma says I am wonderful, and she is very happy with the way I worked and the way I listened and the way I wasn't afraid ... but nobody else had anything nice to say about me (other then how pretty I am) because they were so busy talking about how wonderful Luna is.
At first both Momma & I were a bit jealous and sad . but now we are very very happy because we know that Momma finally found the thing that makes JD & Luna the happiest.
So we will gladly take a back seat in herding to Luna & JD ... we will bark & cheer when they do well, the same way they do for me in conformation.
Why because her success is my success, and my success is her success ... that is how families work.
Jager started it, Luna cemented it, and I am the result of all their learning together, and if it hadn't been for me .. Momma would have never found Shauna, and my sister the herding goddess would have never met sheep.
I love my family .. and the love me.
Love Roo