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Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Boring Day, but an exciteing tomorrow!

Hi Everyone,
I have had SUCH a boring two day!
No school, no new play friends, and everyone was so busy last night, they didn't teach me anything new : (
Momma B says it's been a decompression time ... I don't need that I am a cattle dog!!
I have spent a lot of time with my favorite toy .. my cow that momma Jen let me pick out!
Momma B has gotten me new toys ..but I still love my cow the best! It reminds me of my home : )
I have really started to get big, Momma B says I am too big for my little cow now, I need to play with the bigger toys .. but I love it sooo much, my cow got put up high so I don't choke on it, but I sit under it and cry .. so when I stop crying momma B gives it to me to play with while she watches.
I finally found out how cold too cold is... it is -4f here tonight .. and I won't go outside!!
Momma B put out some paper for all of us.. Jager went potty and it made ice sickles on the fence ... she says that is WAY too cold for her babies to be outside!
Boy I hope it isn't cold like this tomorrow.. I get to meet Roxy, Dylan, Jim & Rosemary tomorrow at the agility trials in Farmington!!
I can't wait until I am old enough to compete with them, after all they need to be shown how superior us blue's are to those silly reds!!
Red's are cool and all .. but they are just too sassy with their 2 leggers... not a good way to get them to buy you new toys! I know this cuz momma & uncle Rowdy are red's, and they don't have nearly as many toys as Jager & I do!!
After all, we have kids, cats, and a border collie, just because we are blue's and know how to work those 2 legged's!
Oops!!! Gotta run .. Momma B is looking for me.. its bed time so we can get up early tomorrow!!
Love ya Bunches.... Ms. Roo

This article was written by a Blue Cattle Dog with a superiority complex!
The opinions expressed here are NOT endorsed by anybody other then said cattle dog!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mad Momma's

Oh My Goodness!!!!
Both the momma's are mad!!!
Momma B is WAY MAD .. we went to Puppy Kindergarten last night ..30 miles away.. and we got there to be told the class was full, even though we had talked to the instructor earlier in the day!
So Momma B is PISSED .. but she made good use of our time though, I got trained on being good with 50+ crazy dogs one a great dane that couldn't be controlled without its momma sitting on its back!!!
She says I behaved really well, and was proud of me.
Now my Momma C... she is mad at me... how dare she!!!
She and Momma B had a long talk just last night about how Momma C couldn't trust me not to eat everything in her room while she was asleep. So of course while she was asleep I chewed up a book Momma C left on the floor ... well she didn't even make sure I had a chewy bone... How DARE she be mad at me???!!!!
Momma B .. now she knew what I was going to do, and told Momma C.. but Momma C wouldn't listen .. so Momma B made sure I couldn't get hurt and then let me destroy Momma C's room .. I think she learned do you?
Neither does Momma B and neither do I !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh boy!!

Tonight is the first night of my "real" puppy kindergarten!
We found out that they put my conformation class off until Feb 7th, they wanted us new puppy's to have a couple of weeks of kindergarten befor starting conformation... momma b isn't happy but I am ... I am so tired, I am still recovering from the last class... how could I possiably do 3 a week???!!
Momma B is mad at Momma C .. she says Momma C is way to easy on me, and lets me get away with murder ... just because I wanted to chew on Momma B's new gloves and Momma C didn't see any problem with that!! That momma b and her silly rules!
1. No eating or chewing what does not belong to me
2. I must call when someone says my name
3. I must not bite Jager
4. No biteing noses
5. No smudgeing glasses
6. No eating frozen poop
7. Sit at door for leash to be put on
And the list just goes on and on!!! Golly she is a tough mom! and I know she is just going to make more rules for me!
Well... I need to go make myself pretty for school ... Love you all!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Puppy Kindergarten

I am sooo sorry I didn't talk to you all last night .. but boy was I tired!!
The momma's took me to puppy kindergarten last night... I met "labs" last night, momma b says they are labrador retrievers .. and she thinks they are a nuiscence... boy is she right!
Now I am a ruff and tumble cattledog, and I fear NOTHING .. except for labs!!
They play SO wierd, and you get two of them together and they are like runaway big rigs~ (saw one of those on my trip to Nevada) they take out everything and anything they can! They even took out the teacher last night!
Now Golden Retrievers .. they are big and scary looking ..the puppy in my class is bigger then Jager and Luna .. and still growing!! But he is ow so nice, I like to play chase with him, he has the most relaxed tail ... it just flops around all the time, FUN FUN to chase!
Then there is the lab/pitbull mix .. oh boy is he in for a kicker, he is super dominant, and wants to boss everyone around.. he is going to have play dates with Luna & Jager to teach him puppy manners : )
He belongs to my Momma' B's friend who is also Momma C's piano teacher. So we are going to help them out a little bit, since this is thier first dog, and Hewies (the puppy) new mom is ready to get rid of him already!
Then there is my new friend .. a little itty bitty puppy that could fit inside of most of my toys!! She won't play with the other dogs .. but she thinks I am okay, so we play lots .. it is really funny .. momma b is going to be takeing pics next week, we couldn't this week, being as it was the first class.
So thats what I did yesterday, today and tonight are rest time for all of us... we are suppose to have another class for me tomorrow night!!
I like school too... I get to show off to all the other students, they don't know nearly as much as I do!!
I am so tired .. I need to go and nap~!
Love you all

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I have a tongue freckle too!

My dearest role model Ms. Roxy,
My girl Crystyl found a tongue spot on me today!!
She was sooo excited, she said that now she KNOWS I am the bestest Cattle dog in the world, cuz I have a tongue freckle like you!!
So you think we are related? We need to compare ancestors...
Well .. I just had to let you know Roxy, we are alike and we live in Utah at the same time.
We are going to meet this weekend .. I am way excited I hope you are too!
Love Ms. Roo