Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Class Night

Last night was a wonderful night!!
I was such a good girl ... Momma said heel and I heeled (unless I saw Luna .. you have to attack your sister at all times) Sit .. I sat... down ... I downed ... stand .. I would stand!!!
Then we went to conformation class ... Oh boy was I strutting my stuff last night!!! We had a new instructor... I liked her! She showed Momma how to hold my leash right, and how to get me to hold my pretty head up when I wanted to let it drop ... I was sooo tired : (
I let them both look in my mouth ... they said I have really pretty teeth, and such a nice bite!!!
The new instructor said I will win all the beauty contests I enter, she said I am a natural ... I always stand just right, and when we go around the ring she said it is like poetry. ( Momma thinks I will get a big head if people keep talking to me like this)
Of course she was right .. it was our last turn to be examined, I stood so pretty, I gave Momma my special Roo smile .. she smiled back and said "You are so pretty right now". The teachers looked at me and said how much I improved from last week, they walked over to check me out ... and I smiled my special Roo smile .... Went TOTALLY limp ... fell over like dead weight (good thing I landed my head on Momma's foot) everybody freaked out .. there was a collective intake of breath .... "what is wrong??" Momma started laughing hard .. I rolled over and presented my tummy for the appropriate rubbings ... those silly people just experienced my furry finger for the first time ...
Wanna see my teeth now???
Love you all .... Roo

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A long weekend with Momma B

This was a long weekend, Momma B had Monday off for Presidents day.

So we spent the weekend playing with each other!

It was so cool to have her all to myself .. she even put Jager out of the room .. so it was just the two of us!!

Very rarely does Momma B do anything without Jager, and this weekend for hours and hours it was just me and Momma B!!

We worked on our heeling and on our stacking too .. but mostly we just worked on Roo & Momma time!!

It was soo much fun and then to make it even more fun it snowed yesterday!!! Have I told you how much I LOVE the snow???!!!

I love digging in the snow .. I love nose plowing in the snow .. I love to roll in the snow ... and I love to throw snow at momma and when Momma throws snow at me, its the greatest!!

Well, we have more puppy classes tomorrow ... I can't wait to play with the other puppy's and show everyone how good I can be in conformation!!

I know I will let them look in my mouth this time!!!

Love you all