Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Puppy Classes

I was soooo MAD!!!!
This little furry rug looking dog called a Havanese .. he got to have all the fun!!! I whined and I barked and I even air bit at him, but nobody would let me show how to run and jump and play.
Last night was orientation ... so we only got to watch!!
I of course behaved as the spoiled diva I am ... I jumped on the people sitting next to us .. HEY .. they had chips ... don't they know all chips are mine??!!
I tried to climb over the chairs to get to the dogs playing behind us but dang it nobody would let me!!
It was a long winded 2 leg that talked 1 1/2 hrs .. I was bored ... of course I was going to find trouble!
But Momma said I did pretty good. I was a little freaked out by all the people and noise at first .. but I settled down and behaved myself pretty well considering!
Momma told me I was still everything she wanted in a puppy .. I want to do EVERYTHING!!
So next Wednesday we will start our obedience & conformation classes .. where I actually get to do stuff too!!
I am so excited .. Momma is dreading it .. she says I am too much of a hellion to do very well yet.
Why does she kiss me when she says that??!!
Oh well it doesn't matter ... my family loves me lots .. and momma said if that is all I ever accomplish in my life that is what is important!
She said I preformed a miracle the other day and made my boy smile and laugh ..he has been having a hard time lately, momma took lots of pictures of Brother and I playing together ... and we were having so much fun we let her!!
Well... I feel the need for a nap was an exhausting night and Sissy is giving me a bath today .. I need to save up some energy so I can get water on the ceiling~
Love Roo

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Classes tomorrow!

Tomorrow night I start school again!
Mom and I are doing Conformation and Beginning Obedience classes!
Jager & Crystyl, JD & Luna, Jessie & Gizmo are going to be doing 4H!
In 4H they will learn all about how to take care of us & how to be a Junior Handler!!
Not to mention all those nasty dogs will get a refresher course in how to bow down to my superior loveliness!!
They are starting to get really snotty with me .. even Luna growl and snaps at me now!!
What has happened here???!!!!
Momma says I am losing my puppy license and becoming a dog .. so the others will not let me steal their toys from them now without a fight : (
aaaaaahhhhh .. I don't want to be a grown up !!!!
I like being a spoiled rotten puppy!!!!
Oh darn ... what if I don't do well in class ??!!!