Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I am such a good girl!!
Now you may not know this but ACD's are notoriously picky about who they will work for .. they will only work for one person .. not me!!
My Momma B has a hurtin and she can't walk very good, but last night was conformation class .. and our first obedience class. So she had Crystyl be my handler (HA.. no one handles the Roo .. I handle them) well at first I wasn't sure .. Momma B does these things with me not the Crystyl, the Crystyl is for fun and frolic!!
Well, Momma B & Crystyl played musical handlers at first, and Momma B said "RooBee, you have to do this with Crystyl, there will be times I can't do it with you, and I can't hold you back, so be good for Crystyl" .... well I kept my eye on Momma B but I also did what Crystyl asked me too.
Well, during conformation class Momma B decided she would send Jessi (Crystyl Best Friend Forever.. here after BFF) out to stand with me in conformation.. one of the stupid too serious people yelled at my Crystyl (so I stuck my nose up her snooty whippets butt!) and upset her .. well I was going to show everybody then .. and I made myself absolutely beautiful!
I can work for them I guess .. they aren't as good as momma B.. they say they are bored and their backs hurt after 15 minutes .. what wimps!!
Then today Momma B got some even better news!! Momma's friend Rosemary (of Dylan fame *Dylan got his clean bill of health from Dr. Pam today YEEE HAAWWW!!!*(see the Roxy log) is going to be teaching agility and obedience classes!! I will be learning from the best!!
And as if that was not exciting enough .... they are going to have HERDING!!! Oh yea!!!!
I am a happy happy girl ... LIFE is GOOD
Love you all ..... Ms. Roo

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What and interesting week its been.
Momma B has been in a funk, I have done my best to cheer her up.
I have jumped on her ... I have jumped on and over Jager, Luna, JD & Crystyl.
I have bounced off the wall and I even hugged and climbed the pine tree!
Got covered in pine sap and had to bath in olive oil with momma b last night.
She didn't laugh allot when I grabbed hold of he legs when I was slipping around .. and she cussed when I threw my head back and hit her in the eye. She looks funny this morning!
But most of the sap is out and I still have my pretty blue coat.
It has been really warm outside, and I have been so good about my recalls that Momma b has been letting me out in the yard with out putting on my long leash ... yard freedom!! I get to run all over and Luna can no longer escape my sneak attacks by moving just out of my reach.
I have repaid Momma for this new freedom by only crawling through the fence 1 time!!
So last night she let me go out in the front yard and chase the Frisbee with the girls and the other dogs!!! Momma never lets me out front without tieing me to the porch so I can't play Frisbee or catch .. but last night I got to run and chase that frisbee just like Jager and Luna!!
And I only tried to run in the street 1 time ... momma said Roo.. and I stopped right there at the park strip.... I am a good and safe Roo!!
Momma is very happy now that I am growing up and playing by the rules now, and I think I can have even more fun if I follow momma's rules.
When I follow Momma's rules I don't have to be leashed to her all the time, and i get to chase and run .. and wow this is fun!!!
Tomorrow I start obedience lessons .. Momma & I are very excited, Momma says I am ready, and that I will learn fun things, and she says it won't be stuff I already know like it was in puppy class, and it won't be boring standing like it is in conformation class!!
YEE HAA .... I like to learn ... and Momma says I learn so fast and so good that I will be the star of the class!!
Well ... gotta go
Be sure to check out my boyfriend Zip's page he talked abut spaying and neutering .. and my sister Kinka's page .. she got spayed... and she says it was pretty okay ... and remember spay and neuter your 4 legs ..

Love you all Roo