Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OI VEI... or....Holly Hannah, Mom sure looks white!!!!

Hello my beloved friends and family!!!
Allow me to start with " HA HA HA HA"!! Now that I have that out of my system let me tell you about my last week :)
You see, I have decided its my job to see what it will take to scare Momma B to death, and make her look bad!! I am not sure if I should start at the beginning of the story for me or Momma B ( evil Cattle Dog Grin ).... it all started on Fathers Day.....
Momma B took me to play with Momma C's leave it's that live with Momma C's Dad, oh I love those leave its, Stevie is cool as a cucumber, he let's me kiss him & get right in his face.. but that Rhiannon is a different story.. she starts hissing the minute we come in the house!!
Life was grand .. Momma was feeling really good, we were taking long walks every night, I was going to the school to run in the 4 soccer fields chasing Luna & Jager, and we came home to cuddle on the sofa every night... well okay so I am an attention hog and wouldn't let the other two get any lovein.. what can I say I love my belly rubbed!! Sunday night we went to bed like any other night Momma brushed Jager, Luna's & my teeth, then her own, Luna & I went to our rooms, Jager & Momma went to their room ... Jager thinks he is something special.. Momma lets him sleep in her bed all night long ... but I only get to nap with her.. she says I eat her sheep skin slippers .... and I do but so does Luna ... what is she thinking anyway..aren't we suppose to chew on yummy sheep???
Monday morning the alarm went off and Momma screamed, turns out she really hurt herself in her sleep ... Monday night we had a short walk then came home and cuddled lots. By Tuesday afternoon she could barely walk, the Dr told her no more running, no more walking .. just rest.
OH My GOSH!!!! Do you know what its like to be forced to lay on the floor & only have a little yard to run in??? That's right BORING... so I might as well find something fun to do around the house ; )
The Thursday after Fathers Day, Mamma's back was much worse! The Dr told Momma she had to stay home and rest her back. That night Momma told Brother the house HAD to be cleaned and laundry had to be done!! Of Course she still couldn't move, this meant she could only do a little of it, She sent Brother down stairs to start the laundry... but the dummy that he is .. he couldn't start the washing machine, it just wouldn't work!!!
Momma VERY carefully made her way down the stairs to try & figure out what was wrong with the washing machine ... it had no power...momma tried all the cycles, nothing ... so she checked to make sure that the washing machine was plugged was hmmm...Momma traced the cord from the back of the washing machine to make sure it was the right plug.... she pulled the cord through her hand... and it stopped.. not at the plug .. it just mysteriously disappeared... " he he he, ha ha ha " I had been waiting for her to find this.. I was bored & mad we weren't playing games I chewed up the power cord to the washing machine!!!
220 even...Momma freaked... Grandpa freaked... I should have been electrocuted they said .. at the very least my mouth should have been burnt .. but nope... no burnt mouths in this house!
Momma was so mad I tried to blame Luna or Jager .. but dangit they couldn't get their heads behind washing machine : (
Only me : )
Then I decided it served her right ... all that worrying she was doing about how long my legs were getting, and how I still looked like a puppy when all the others were filling out and starting to look grown up!!!
Grandpa fixed the washing machine, and doors are getting put up to keep me out of places I shouldn't be, and Momma's not so mad or scared anymore, now she just keeps saying she is stupid and not able to take care of me .. she should send me to live with Gma Jen where I will be safe...but I keep hugging her to let her know I will be a good girl now ... or will I???!!!
Oops I need to run ...Momma just pulled into the driveway, and I am suppose to be locked safely in my room .. can't have her finding out I know the com for the lock or she will get a new one!!
I love you all!!
The Indestructible Ms. Roo