Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Have I run out of things to report??

Of Course not!!
Last night Momma B brought home some new and really tasty food for me last night.... I was actually interested in eating!
It smells and tastes good . I liked it!
Momma C is really excited and paying more attention to her homework then me : ( but momma B is doing her best to give me a little extra attention .. last night I kept trying to make myself the leader, I was trying to fight with Jager & Luna.. not to mention Momma B told me to do something and I gave her the finger!! So Momma B put me in a time out ... but I won ... I went to sleep! I showed her .. but darn her she kept playing with my teeth and looking in my mouth .. I hate that!!
And Darn it all .... it should have made her mad that I wanted to be her boss, but she just laughed at me, she said she was happy to see me being a little aggressive.. she was afraid I was meeker then she wanted me to be!
Silly momma B!!
I am afraid I have just made things harder for myself though, now she is really pushing the I chew on my bone at the foot of the bed, not on the pillow!
I gutted my first toy yesterday! I was so proud of myself.. then I realized my new toy was no good anymore, I went around and gathered all the guts from my toy, and piled them up in front of Momma B with my toy's body .. cuz if she has the empty toy & toy guts .. she will re stuff them!!
When I gave her all the guts I could find, and she had stuffed the squeaker back in, she sewed up the hole & gave it back to me, now I am really careful not to pull the guts out, some started coming back out again, so I played with a different side!
I am such a sweet girl! This weekend Momma B says she will take me to the doggy park, I am excited, she says they have all kinds of fun toys to play on. But she says I have to prove my recall will stay good until then!
Love ya, Ms. Roo

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A special word to my friend Zip

My dearest friend Zip,
Someday I hope to meet you in person Zip!
You are the best friend a girl could ever have, and we have so much in common! I have 3 personal assistants to chose from for agility, hopefully one of them will be worthy of me. I think I will be much smarter then them we will have plenty of notes to compare!
Roxy & I had a short conversation... the 2 legs wouldn't leave us alone to really talk, but she knows lots about you too! Annie & I let Roxy & Dylan do all the showing off, let everyone envy the reds.. we will keep the blue between the 3 of us! -4 is normal? Do you get to spend much time outside in the snow? I LOVE snow almost as much as I love poopsicles, those dang momma's don't like poopsicles and have started cleaning them up before they have had a chance to age and freeze to my standards though ... do you know how to hide them from the momma's?
I am sad to say that after my adventures with book eating, I too have to sleep in a crate at night next to momma B, tell Iggy I feel for him..even if he is an evil black & white. I really like my b & w she is crazy, and she heel's just like a cow... do yours do that too? I am always chewing on Luna's legs .. its fun! Of course it appears I am losing my puppy license, she is starting to tell me no... can you believe that??!!! How dare she tell me NO doesn't she know who I am??!!
Zip, I have a question for you I know we live very far apart.. Momma B showed me where Chicago & Bountiful are on the map, and she told me it will take longer to get there then it will take to get to Grandma's in Nevada, but I like you allot .. will you go steady with me?
Love forever, Roo

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am SOOO tired!!

Oh my goodness!!
What a great time I have had this weekend!!
Saturday morning the Momma's got up got dressed and took me .... JUST ME... to the agility show in Farmington... I met Jim, Rosemary, Annie, Dylan, Roxy, Kim & Daniel.. and so many others I just can't remember them all!
I REALLY like Jim & Rosemary, they spoiled me and loved me and never ever called me George... they even gave me some of Roxy's special treats!!
I watched all of the dogs run the agility course.. did I mention that I LOVE to watch agility!!??
Jim thinks that I will know what I am suppose to do in agility because I watch so hard what all the dogs are doing.
I even got to play with the infamous Roxy Saturday night... she is so cool, she played just the way I want to play that scares the other doggies off! We didn't get to play for long ... I like to bark when I play with Roxy.. and everybody said I was just too noisy, Roxy & I compared tongue freckles, hers is much prettier : )
I think I worship Roxy much more then I worship Jager. I take back everything I said before about red dogs .. Red's are the COOLEST!!
I was so tired on Saturday night when it was time to go home .. I spent 9hrs there ..and I was a good puppy, everybody thought I would be down for the count .. but nope not me! I took a little cat nap on the way home, and when I got home I was more then ready for a 2 hour wrestling session with Luna!
Then we all got up again first thing Sunday morning ... boy was I hungry .. this was the first morning I ate my breakfast all gone in less then 2hrs since I came home!
Today EVERYbody went to the show, Joe, Crystyl, Jager, Luna, Me & Momma B!
I was soo excited to be going again, and to be going with my whole family!
I did alot of sleeping today, I missed most of the agility runs, cuz no matter how hard I tried my eyes just wouldn't stay open!
I got to play with Roxy a little bit more .. but again, I was just so excited to be playing with Roxy that I couldn't keep my mouth shut... so it got cut short : (
That was my super exciting weekend ... wish you would have been there too!!
Love forever .. Ms. Roo