Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Have you Missed Me?????

Hello's to my adoring fans!
Oh how I have missed your adoring eyes on me everyday!
My new Mamma's stink at computers, and this computer is old, outdated, and they have dial up!! Can you believe that??? How do they expect me to communicate with my public on dial up??
I was suppose to have my own streaming chat room like I had with Daddy Shamus and Momma Jen, but between this icky computer and the dial up it just wont work!
I have gotten tired of waiting for Momma Brandy & Crystyl to get me back on the Internet, so while Momma Brandy (really my grandma,but she is too young to call her that) is napping and Momma Crystyl at her Dad's house I have hacked into the computer and am updating you all on my life!
I came home to my new family December 17th 2006 was my Momma Crystyl surprised and excited when Momma Brandy got home with me~ we are now inseparable, Momma C stayed home with me all my first week, and that was a good thing. I also have an uncle Joe (momma crystyl's brother) he likes me allot, we play tug all the time! My Border Collie cousin Luna, she didn't like me too much then, now we are the best playmates! We wrestle and run all day and all night long!
My Australian Cattle Dog uncle still doesn't like me too much ... I try and try to play with him, but he only growls and snarls at me. I have started to growl and snarl at him too now ... that is how we play!! Boy do I adore him! I follow him everywhere and want to be just like him when I grow up! Luna is fine, I like her plenty... but she is one of those evil black & whites, not a wonderful ACD like me and my brother.
We woke up on Christmas morning ... and oh boy all of the presents were for me!!
Well .. I decided they were, I got lots of toys, so did Luna & Jager, but Joe & Crystyl only got clothes.
After we unwrapped our presents we loaded up in the car and drove forever and ever Momma B says it was 8 hours but I think it was longer. We finally arrived in Silver Springs Nevada, where I met the rest of my family, grandpa & ma, Aunt Jenni,Shannon, and Cousin Danielle. Then there was the 4 legged family, Uncle NicK is a black Chow, Cousin PeeWee is a Dachshund, and Cousin Fancy is an ACD mix, Jovan & Pagos are quarter horses, then there were all the birds, they are fun to watch, and the bunny... he tasted yummy!! No I didn't hurt bunny ... but I like to follow him around and lick him!
I got to spend the entire day outside there .. I LOVE to be outside!!!
There was no snow .. but grass... grass is so much fun to roll on and eat!! I had so much fun there I pee'd on Grandma's white carpet twice, I dug holes under the fence, and I even scratched a hole in the laundry/dog room wall!! My family obviously gave me WAY too much unsupervised time!
We came home on New Years day, another trip in the car that took forever!
We have been really busy since we got home, and Momma B says we are going to get even busier ... I start puppy classes next week. Monday puppy Kindergarten, Wednesday obedience , and Saturday conformation classes ... boy will I be busy, when will I have time to play again?? Oops ..gotta go Momma B is waking up cant let her catch me!!