Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Oh Happy Days!!

Ohhhh am I am happy happy girl!!!!
MY girl came home to me on Friday night!!
I have never been so happy or so wiggly!!! I just couldn't and still can't contain myself!!
She has been with her grandparents & aunts having adventures in Nevada without me :(
I am constantly wiggle wiggling all over and around her ... I sure hope she doesn't go away again!!
Chip .. remember when I told you kids were the best??? Well let me tell you my girl is the bestest of the best!!
Since she has been home we have played non stop .. last night we chased a deer out of our back yard ( and the neighbors too )!! It was so much fun! And when we were done we were so hot and tired .... my girl got us a frozen go gurt to share .. yummmmy!!
Then this morning she made me my very own swimming pool!! I let her come in too ... but I don't want to share with my evil black & white sister Luna .. its mine mine mine all mine .. and I will protect it from her too!!
So Sissy put me in my kennel so Luna could have a swim too .... maybe I should share with Luna : (
This morning my Sissy started putting clothes in her bag again .. she is leaving me again : (
She is going to summer camp ... without me!!!!
This time she will only be gone for 3 days though ... I think I can handle that!!
There are still no new pictures of me ... Momma hasn't fixed her camera yet : (
I keep telling her batteries are cheaper then the memories we are missing !!!
I need to run .. Sissy wants to go and play in the pool again!!! YEA!!!!
Love you all!
Ms. Roo