Here I am

Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Look we are still alive!!

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated!

My mom is a crappy blogger!

She has gotten so lazy and so busy she just never does it.

I chewed her out last night … how can my adoring fans keep tabs on me if she doesn't blog??

How am I to communicate with the DTOW(Dogs Taking Over the World ) if she isn't blogging??

How am I to communicate the next move to my underlings??

Well, I have solved this problem .. she is now under my control … I have hympnotized the Momma

( an that crazy Black & White)

Ah what peace .... have her keeping the light bulbs nicely aligned.. I got so tired of her and Grandpa rewiring the basement I had to do something

Grandpa likes me now he says I'm Okay . Really I have just decided its not worth havin Mom PO'd at me so I gave up the war.


Oops .. My hold is starting to break … I will write more when I shore up my mind control on the Mom!


Love Roo

The Unwilling Beauty Queen