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Here is a place where I can grow and mature, safely surrounded by love and adoration. May every puppy born be given the life I embark on.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Weekend

I showed four days this last weekend & all four days I took first place in Novice .. and on Friday, I took reserve winners bitch!!!!
That was pretty cool, & now I have this pretty purple & white ribbon to go with all my blue ribbons!!!
Momma is MOST happy with this as the dogs that showed up this year were really pretty & mature ... I am still skinny like a puppy : )
Momma likes me that way, but those silly judges like the bigger dogs over me.
So, Momma & I have been doing some chatting, and since I like conformation sooo much .. NOT.... we are going to turn our focus to rally, agility, and herding for a year or two, let me grow up some more : )
In September I am going to Canada for a long visit with my Momma Jen, I might try some conformation stuff while I am there, but my competition would be my Momma & my Sister Chip .. still pretty stiff : )
But competing with my Momma & Chip would be alot more fun!!
Love you all
Ms. Roo

P.S. Pictures will be coming!

Friday, April 4, 2008


My Momma got broken
Not now 16yrs ago, and she is still broken.
Every year for 16 yrs something inside Momma breaks, my brothers & sisters told me so.
Some years are worse then others, some better, this is a bad year.
Momma came home early, that means extra love and play time, but momma didn't play, she cried, she made horrible noises, I tried to tackle her make her smile make her laugh she always laughs when I wiggle on my back .. Jager got mean he barked and pushed me out of the room while he yelled at me, what did I do wrong??!!! Momma didn't stop those horrible sad noises, Jager and Luna curled up around her quietly and waited, after awhile I very cautiously joined them, Jager gave me a kiss when I quietly curled up in Momma's lap and like Jager & Luna quietly waited.
Momma got up and got in the shower ... no pets, no words, no love in her heart only pain she cried in the shower while we waited around the tub she stayed until the water got to cold and she couldn't stop the shaking. We waited quietly while she dried off, wrapped herself into her robe and took us outside. After awhile Momma curled up in bed and we curled around her, I laid with my head on her breast, quietly wishing Momma would say something, there were no more tears or noises just an unnatural quietness.
Momma finally started to pet, and with my head laid softly on her breast, Jager's head on her hip & Luna curled around her feet she told me the story of Jamie, my brother I never met.
16 yrs ago my brother Jamie was born and died, Momma loves him more then life, there was a big part of her soul ripped from her that day, and she has never learned to heal that gash.
She told me how sorry she was, she knew I was scared & worried, but to know it would all be okay.
We all quietly laid and cried all night this morning she is better not normal for awhile everybody says the craziness will continue for awhile, and will come back next year.. Jager told me

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Darling Zip

It is soooo good to hear from you again!!
I miss you sooo much!!! I wish we were near each other now .. wink wink nod nod ... its that time ; )
You would just LOVE me in my new levi shorts .. I will have to send you a picture when Momma gets the camera fixed.
I am so jealous .. you got to go to a show .. my mom is making me wait awhile ; (
But there is a conformation show in May .. a couple of them actually, I am beginning to think it may not be so bad playing pretty .. Momma always shares a cheeseburger from McDonalds with me if I do well.
When your Momma isn't lookin .. give that stuffy that looks like me a kissy poo ... and I will give my stuffy that looks like you a kissy poo ... maybe we will kiss at the same time ; )
I would LOVE to see the Zip Limbaugh page, and read your wonderful commentary! You make all this scary crazy politics stuff make sense!
My Momma keeps walking around yelling at them on tv ... she says how can she possibly vote when EVERYBODY is CRAZY and SCARY!!?!?!?!?!
She even yells at Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and those crazy NPR people too!!
Oh MY!!!
Maybe you should run ... as president you could make it law that we all have more sheep, more agility trial, and more dried sweet potato's!!!
Love you ...

Monday, March 3, 2008

An Urgent Missive to Roxy

Your toys are not safe ??!!! Can you not just take the toys away from your little brother when he steals them??!!! I take the toys from my big brother, he is a WIMP, totally under the control of the 2 legs, now my big sister, she will get all over me if I take toys from her and don’t run fast enough, just like you said she would DANG big Sisters!! As you know I only have the older brother and older sister. When you brought your baby brother to meet me, I thought he was a fun new toy and asked Momma for a baby too! I am VERY glad that the Momma was able to resist my mind control in this matter... I think it would be best to wait and see how things work out with your baby brother. I am seeing some things that make me fear for your place as the leader of your pack, after all your Momma R was holding onto that baby brother like he was more special then you … even your Daddy J seemed to think he was pretty important. Are you going to be able to maintain your control?? Are you SURE this little minion will not usurp you?? I am thinking that for the time being, you and I should suspend our hostilities and team up against this little horrible little trouble maker!!
I must go Momma C is home sick today and I here her waking up... if she caught me blogging our genius plans to take over would be ruined.

Yours, faithfully in the battle to control the 2 legs,
Ms. Roo

Monday, February 25, 2008

Look we are still alive!!

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated!

My mom is a crappy blogger!

She has gotten so lazy and so busy she just never does it.

I chewed her out last night … how can my adoring fans keep tabs on me if she doesn't blog??

How am I to communicate with the DTOW(Dogs Taking Over the World ) if she isn't blogging??

How am I to communicate the next move to my underlings??

Well, I have solved this problem .. she is now under my control … I have hympnotized the Momma

( an that crazy Black & White)

Ah what peace .... have her keeping the light bulbs nicely aligned.. I got so tired of her and Grandpa rewiring the basement I had to do something

Grandpa likes me now he says I'm Okay . Really I have just decided its not worth havin Mom PO'd at me so I gave up the war.


Oops .. My hold is starting to break … I will write more when I shore up my mind control on the Mom!


Love Roo

The Unwilling Beauty Queen